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Language Patterns

Language is a collection of patterns. Can you extend this pattern?

red, blue, green, . . .

Any answer you can justify is a "right" answer. One response to this pattern could be yellow. The first entry is a color with three letters, followed by a color with four letters, followed by an color with five letters. Yellow is a color with six letters, and so continues the pattern.

What would the next word be if you continued this pattern?

ate, eat, . . .

Both words use the letters a, e, and t. They are common words, and arranged alphabetically. The word tea continues the pattern.

What are the next three letters in this pattern?

o, t, t, f, f, . . .

The next three entries are s, s, and e. Can you figure out why? When you do, you will agree that no other letters are possible here.